“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”
– Franklin D. Roosevelt


Sketch the perfect college from your core values and ideas. Identify the important qualities of your prospective college using your imagination, your hearts, your dreams.

  • Do I have ideas about what I want to study?
  • What kind of location provides a rich eco-system?
  • What kinds of unique majors / minors / dual / interdisciplinary study are out there?
  • What is the cosmopolitan rating?
  • Can I get some down time and live a more balanced life?
  • Can I play sports? Can I join a sorority? Look at the clubs and student organizations
  • What is the med school acceptance rate?
  • Can I combine my interest in art with a social justice major?
  • What is the political bend on campus?
  • Can I ski?

By identifying axes for comparison, we can offer families and students clear direction as they begin to research colleges. This process sketches the perfect type college before making a hard list, and before going on a visit.


Do not go on any “blind date” college visits:

  • What are you looking for in a college?
  • What do you like to do outside of school?
  • Are you applying for a specific program and unique learning opportunity?
  • Does the school offer good programming for what I want to study?
  • Do you want access to hiking? camping? the arts? shopping? working?


Follow our TO-DO List and get the scoop!

  • Schedule visits, sign up for guided tours, attend workshops and make appointments with specific departments, student groups, faculty etc.
  • We can create a customized Itinerary for visits!
  • While you are on campus, you will be an investigative journalist of sorts.


A final list of schools emerges over the summer before senior year. From the “list” we move to the APPLICATION PROCESS where timelines, due dates, essays, applications and all logistics are mapped, scheduled and accomplished!


Thank you very much for all you are doing to help Sarah. I hope you know how much you mean to us. You have been amazing and we are very very fortunate to have you throughout this past year guiding us so Sarah can find the right school as part of her next steps in life.

– Parent, Lower Merion High School



Just a quick to note to send a heartfelt thank you for meeting with Laura and me today. Laura left your office on “cloud 9” – very energized and excited about the college application process. Claudia had told us so many good things about you and now I know they are all true. You allowed us both to heave a great sigh of relief after many months of nerves and frustration. Looking forward to a great season ahead.

– Parent, Villa Walsh Academy



I don’t know if Emma has been keeping you in the loop, so I thought I would write myself to give you an update and to say THANK YOU for all your work with her.

Amazingly, Emma has received acceptances at every school to which she applied: University of Miami, Northeastern (NU-In Program), Indiana, Florida, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Pitt. She has decided to go to her first choice, where she received a merit scholarship for four years. Needless to say, we are THRILLED and she is beyond excited.

I can’t thank you enough for making our first college testing and application process so smooth. No fights and no need for us to nag — you handled the tough love and we got to enjoy the results and excitement. Also, your work on essays over the Summer made the application process so smooth that she was done by October and able to focus on enjoying her Senior year.

We will continue to sing your praises to friends who ask about our tutoring/coaching experience.

– Parent, Harriton High School



Just wanted to let you know her college status. We heard today from American U and [she was] accepted!

Clark U – accepted EA with scholarship
Ithaca U – accepted with scholarship
Quinnipiac – accepted with scholarship
Pitt – given scholarship
Johnson and Wales – accepted with scholarship

– Parent, Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy



I wanted to thank you for making what is a hugely stressful and, to many students and families, a truly unpleasant experience, enjoyable. Shannon really looks forward to her meetings with you and your email/texts! This has been true for both the SAT test prep last year and the actual college application essay writing process this Fall. You hit just the right blend of being motivational and fun while still focused and serious. Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference anytime.

– Parent, Lower Merion High School



Thank you so much for all you did to and for Peter last night. You are truly a modern day Mrs. Piggle Wiggle!! I am not sure what magic dust you sprinkled on him but he came back not only having made a decision but he was enthusiastic and self assured about it! We will forever be in your debt!!

– Parent, Friends Central School/ Bucknell



I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given to Kate in her college application / preparation process. Thanks to you, I really feel like we have the inside scoop on how this whole crazy process works! […] Many, many thanks again.

– Parent, Haverford High School/ Villanova



I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for me. I got into every school I applied to and I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for working with me on my SATs, I got a great score the last time I took it and it got me into the more difficult schools I applied to. Also, thank you for reading though all my essays. I am so excited about all of the choices I have and I think I have made my decision. […] I got into their 6 year DPT program with a fantastic merit scholarship and the Leadership scholarship and it is perfect. […] I couldn’t have gotten into this school and its amazing program without your help. Thank you so much for everything!!

– Senior, Radnor