Katherine Miller Education
Ideally, students write a genuine personal statement in a creative way. We help students to interview themselves to find that perfect vignette or anecdote.

We help students to answer ALL of the additional essays and short answer questions required by individual colleges. We have years of experience, and we get it done.

Ask any teenager what’s the worst part of the college application, and most of them will say the essay.

Ask any college admissions officer what’s the best part of the college application and all of them will say the essay.


Essays can stop kids cold. We’ve seen students drop colleges from their list because of a daunting essay prompt. Teenagers have NEVER been asked these questions and they have NEVER thought about the answers to these questions. This unknown territory leaves kids feeling like they have nothing interesting to say.

This is a shame because most kids are quite interesting at their core…where they are real.


Sydney is doing so well with Mindy. They are connecting academically and socially – which is equally important to us. We like Mindy and appreciate that she has been available to us for more than one session a week when we think that Sydney needs the additional support. We are seeing an upward trend for Sydney in her math work and know that is a direct correlation to Mindy.

– Parent, Bala Cynwyd Middle School



I cannot rave enough about Carol, she is skilled, knowledgeable, warm and couldn’t be a more perfect fit for [my daughter]. She has been able to help a child who feels dumb, overwhelmed and avoidant feel a little bit less of all of those things in only three meetings, and has been in communication with her teacher and keeps very close contact with my husband and me. I am so grateful that you put together this match!

– Parent, Lower Merion School District



April has been wonderful to work with and she and Philip seem to be quite compatible. I especially like her demeanor. She is assertive and direct, yet doesn’t come across as preachy in any way. Philip has responded positively to her and has followed through with her suggestions. She is flexible in her approach and recognizes the need to identify systems that work for each student. I’ve also appreciated her scheduling flexibility. She realizes that families are busy and has been as flexible as possible in accommodating our preferred meeting time. All around, our relationship with her is going very well and Philip seems to enjoy working with her.

– Parent, The Shipley School



John seems to be a good fit for [my daughter]. He is very energetic and enthusiastic about their sessions. He is also very proactive in set up times to meet which has been helpful. [My daughter] got a 68 on her first Physics test (before working with John) and she just got a 82 on her most recent test so I’d say we are making great progress.

– Parent, Episcopal Academy



I wanted to jot a note to tell you how much we appreciate the tutoring service that Jodi has provided to our sons. Jodi is an excellent professional. She is always punctual, prepared, organized and extremely pleasant and dedicated. I would recommend Jodi to other middle school families.

– Parent, The Shipley School & The Haverford School